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Global Citizen Insurance


Global Citizen Insurance - Plan Summary

  • Best suited for expatriate individuals and/or families or international residents.
  • Free instant quotes, review rates, apply for coverage online.
  • Quick medical underwriting decision with application to purchase policy.
  • Don't risk expensive medical bills for expatriates.
  • Ensures health is protected worldwide anywhere and anytime.
  • Offers seamless coverage for expatriates around the world.
  • Extensive international and U.S. provider networks.
  • Assistance team available 24/7 365 days a year.

Global Citizen Insurance - Coverage Benefits

  • Renewable annual policy period
  • Choice of medical maximum coverage benefits
  • Covers accident/injury or sickness/illness
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions covered
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital charges
  • Doctor visits and labs/diagnostic charges
  • Emergency medical evacuation and ambulance charges
  • Repatriation and return of mortal remains
  • Common carrier accidental death benefit


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Global Citizen EXPatriate Insurance or Global Citizen EXP is ideal for world travelers covered by Medicare or a domestic U.S. plan offered by an employer. Global Citizen Expatriate Insurance functions as a primary health insurance plan outside the U.S., filling the gaps left by Medicare and domestic U.S. plans or delivering precisely the coverage an expatriate needs.

Global Citizen EXP Insurance Plan Benefits & Features

The Global Citizen EXP plan functions as a primary health insurance plan outside the U.S., filling the gaps left by Medicare and domestic U.S. plans or delivering precisely the coverage an expatriate needs.

Global Citizen EXP Insurance offers 100% coverage across most benefits. All plan options have an Unlimited Lifetime Maximum and a $250,000 maximum benefit for emergency medical evacuation. When You only need benefits outside the U.S., explore the world with a health plan built for expatriates.

If you are a world traveler covered by Medicare or by a domestic U.S. plan offered by your employer - or if you have no immediate plans to return to the U.S., Global Citizen EXP is tailored to your needs. By trimming away coverage for health services in the U.S. and keeping the comprehensive Global Citizen benefits outside the U.S., the EXP plan delivers outstanding value and service.

To get a Global Citizen EXP quote, please indicate on the quoting tool that you want a plan that does not include U.S. benefits.

Individuals up to age 75 and dependent children are eligible based on their medical histories. Once issued, Global Citizen EXP policies are renewable up to age 84. See benefits for more information.

Global Citizen Insurance

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