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Global Medical Insurance


Global Medical Insurance - Plan Summary

  • Best suited for expatriate individuals and/or families or international residents.
  • Free instant quotes, review rates, apply for coverage online.
  • Quick medical underwriting decision with application to purchase policy.
  • Don't risk expensive medical bills for expatriates.
  • Ensures health is protected worldwide anywhere and anytime.
  • Offers seamless coverage for expatriates around the world.
  • Extensive international and U.S. provider networks.
  • Assistance team available 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Underwritten by Sirius Insurance.

Global Medical Insurance - Coverage Benefits

  • Renewable annual policy period
  • Choice of medical maximum coverage benefits
  • Available in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum
  • Covers accident/injury or sickness/illness
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions covered
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital charges
  • Doctor visits and labs/diagnostic charges
  • Emergency medical evacuation and ambulance charges
  • Repatriation and return of mortal remains
  • Common carrier accidental death benefit
  • Pregnancy and maternity care/childbirth included


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Global Medical Insurance is a long-term, annually-renewable, major medical plan that provides international health insurance coverage to expatriates and global residents of all nationalities. Global Medical Insurance is an ideal expatriate medical insurance plan for those who need a full range of medical benefits. The policy offers flexible, long-term, annually renewable, worldwide medical insurance program for U.S. citizens living or working abroad and for non-U.S. nationals worldwide. Global Medical Insurance provides you with a commitment to deliver world class health benefits, medical assistance and total peace of mind.

Global Medical Insurance offer a full range of benefits suited for individuals and families and you have a choice of plan options with lifetime benefit maximums up to USD 8 million. There are two coverage area options, worldwide or worldwide excluding the U.S. and Canada. Select the option choice that best fits your specific needs, you get coverage 24 hours a day with the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital for treatment.

Global Medical Insurance is quoted annually and an annual premium is applicable, other premium payment options factor additional cost and is available in semi-annual premiums, quarterly premiums, and monthly premium payment plans. The eligibility requirements for Global Medical Insurance along with the riders available are listed in the plan brochure.

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Global Medical Insurance Plan Benefits

The Global Medical plan benefits the following individuals and families:

Global Medical Insurance Plan Features

The Global Medical plan highlights include:

Global Medical Insurance - Plan Details

Policy Maximum Global Medical Insurance Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Plus plan options offers lifetime benefit maximums of US$5,000,000 per individual, the Platinum option offers US$8,000,000.
Plan Options With Global Medical Insurance you have a choice of four plan options, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum, with lifetime benefit maximums upto USD 8 million dollars.
Coverage Area With Global Medical Insurance you have a choice of two coverage area options: worldwide or worldwide excluding the U.S. and Canada.
Plan Riders Global Medical Insurance offers Terrorism Rider and Sports Rider choices which can be purchased for an additional premium cost.
Deductible Multiple deductible options per period of coverage ranging from $250 to $10,000 (the Platinum option offers $100 to $10,000).
Coverage Benefit Plan will pay the covered benefit amount as listed in the plan brochure per the option selected.
Eligibility U.S. citizens must reside abroad or plan to leave the U.S. on their effective date and plan to reside abroad for at least six of the next 12 months. Non-U.S. citizens may reside anywhere, including their country of citizenship, although certain eligibility restrictions may apply to non-U.S. citizens residing in the U.S.
Coverage - Hospital Room and Board
- Hospital intensive care unit charges
- Physician visits, surgeon, Private duty nurse fee
- Pre-admission tests
- Diagnostics: X-Rays
- Hospital emergency room
- Prescription Drugs
Plan Duration Annual (1 year term), renewable. Monthly, quaterly, bi-annual payment plan also available.
Underwriter Underwritten by Sirius Insurance, a White Mountains Insurance Group company.
Plan Administrator Plan is administered in USA and worldwide by International Medical Group (IMG).
Quote Online Get instant online quote for Get a free instant online quote to Buy Global Medical Insurance.
Buy Online Apply & purchase online to Buy Global Medical Insurance.
Application Form Download, print, complete, mail/fax the Global Medical Insurance Application along with payment.
Plan Brochure Review the Global Medical Insurance Brochure for detailed policy information.

Global Medical Insurance

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