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Group Travel Insurance


Group Travel Insurance - Coverage Summary

  • Best suited for groups of 5 or more individuals.
  • Coverage for USA visitors or international travelers.
  • Designed to protect health and medical emergencies during travel.
  • Free instant quotes, review rates, apply and buy coverage online.
  • No medical checkup/proof of health records needed to purchase policy.
  • Don't risk expensive medical bills for visitors.
  • Ensures visitors health is protected anywhere and anytime.
  • Extensive U.S. provider networks.
  • Renewable policy periods, easy online application
  • Choice of medical maximum coverage benefits
  • Cover and protection for accident/injury or sickness/illness
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage available

Group Travel Insurance or Group Travel Medical Insurance provides visitor medical and travel health coverage for groups of individuals included in a single master policy and provides health expense, medical emergency, accident and sickness coverage. All the eligible participants are covered, regardless of age or physical condition. Groups Coverage is ideal for International employees, missionaries, students, J1 visa summer interns, company trainees, and travelers are just some of the types of groups.

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Group Travel Insurance Coverage for Visitors to USA or International Travelers

Group Travel Insurance coverage is generally used for shorter coverage periods for travel or visits by a group of 5 or more people visiting USA or for travel outside of traveler home country, when comprehensive major medical benefits like maternity, mental and nervous conditions, and preventative benefits are not applicable. Coverage for eligible treatment is limited to the locality where the insured is covered. In the event of a medical emergency, transportation to the nearest medical facility is covered. Typically, group tours, conventions, or short-term international employee assignments from one week to six months are best suited for visitor travel medical coverage in groups.

Group Travel Insurance - Plan Listing

Below are a listing of some of the plans that offer Group Travel Insurance for Groups of Non-US citizens visiting the United States or US citizens traveling outside the USA or other foreign nationals travel outside their home country.

Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance

Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance

Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance is designed for organizations who have a group of 5 or more that will be traveling together, and are traveling to a destination that is not the country of citizenship of any of the traveling members.

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Atlas Group Travel Medical Insurance

Atlas Group Travel Insurance

Traveling to USA or internationally in a group of 5 or more individuals for at least 5 days? Atlas Group coverage may be right for you! Atlas Group Travel Insurance provides the same quality coverage as the Atlas Series product at a discount group rate making it ideal for student groups and missionary organizations.

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Group Travel Insurance USA - Benefit Highlights

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Surgery and dental charges
  • Prescription drugs and medication costs
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital charges
  • Doctor visits and labs/diagnostic charges
  • Emergency medical evacuation and ambulance charges
  • Repatriation and return of mortal remains
  • Common carrier accidental death benefit
  • Complications in pregnancy covered
  • Flight and Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit
  • Trip cancellation and travel interruption available

Group Travel Insurance USA - Coverage Details

  • Choice of Deductibles which is the amount you will pay prior to payments from the insurance company, deductible range from USD $0 to $2500.
  • Comprehensive Visitors Insurance Parents plans require co-insurance, which is the percentage or amount of covered expenses that you pay, usually for the first USD $5000 in incurred expenses.
  • Exclusion for cover of pre-existing medical conditions, only certain plans offer pre-existing condition coverage.
  • Support for policy extensions or renewals, if coverage is purchased for a minimum period initially.
  • Flexibility on your return date with renewable policies.
  • The cost of the policy is dependent on age, gender, comprehensive or fixed benefit policy, and duration of stay.
  • Reduced rates for dependent children included in the parents plan.
  • Most plans can make direct payments to hospitals, laboratories, doctors and heath care provider in PPO Network.
  • Secondary coverage: Implies in the event of loss or claim the plan will pay the remaining benefits after all other insurance plans your possess have made payments against the claim.

Group Travel Insurance

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Group Travel InsuranceVisitor Medical Insurance for USA

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