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Visitor Insurance Features

Visitor Medical Insurance Overview

Visitors Medical Insurance in USA Understanding visitor medical insurance features and requirement to compare and buy visitors health insurance can be complicated. There are many visitors insurance plans, various visitors insurance coverage options, insurance benefits and plan restrictions. Given the several factors to consider and the many choices available, deciding on an insurance policy that best suits your needs is not easy. It is to help you in this situation that we have developed several features to help you make an informed choice while purchasing your insurance.

  • Compare Insurance Plans using the online Insurance Quotes and insurance comparison facility. Here you can compare several insurance companies and policies to identify the product that suits your specific needs best. You have to provide relevant information regarding the applicant and our facility will display your available options in an user friendly manner. You can then choose the policy that you like best, and proceed to purchase the product online. The facility also provides detailed brochures on each of the different insurance policies. The insurance coverage can start as early as the following day after purchase or from any date that you want coverage.

  • Visitor Insurance FAQ Frequently Asked Questions contain answers to commonly asked questions from our customers. If you still have more questions, please feel free to call us at 1-877-778-4562.

  • Visitor Insurance Glossary Here are a list of commonly used insurance terms along with their explanations.

  • Visitor Insurance Guide This sections gives you some background information on how medical insurance works. The section also provides information on the different factors you should consider while purchasing insurance.

  • Visitor Insurance Blog This is a facility for our customers to discuss insurance related issues with others.

  • Visitor Insurance Client Testimonials Here are some voluntary testimonials provided by our customers.

  • Visitor Insurance Quotes Get a quote request through which you can get specific insurance quotes.

Compare Visitor Medical Insurance Plans

Best for visitors to USA, parents, relatives visiting USA or travel to any international destination.

Visitor Medical Insurance or Visitors Medical Insurance plans offer travel medical insurance covererage for emergency health / medical / dental expenses for the visitor's visiting the USA, Canada, or any nation outside home country. Adequate cover is a necessity for medical protection of visitors to USA during the stay in America. Visitor to USA or other countries can reduce the financial risk of unforeseen accidents or medical emergency by purchasing visitor medical insurance. Visitor Health Insurance is ideal for tourists to US, and for parents and other family members visiting the United States (USA).

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Visitor Medical Insurance
Visitor Travel Medical Insurance
  Traveler's Age  years
  Traveler’s spouse age
if coverage required)
  Max Benefit Amount
  Coverage Period months days
  Country of Citizenship Non US US
Visitor Medical Insurance
Visitor Insurance USA
Atlas America Insurance
Patriot America Plus
Patriot Platinum Insurance
Patriot America Insurance
Liaison Continent Insurance
Liaison Majestic Insurance
Visit USA Insurance
Diplomat America Insurance
Inbound USA Insurance
Visitors Care Insurance
Visitor Secure Insurance

US Visitor Insurance
IMG Insurance
Tokio Marine HCCMIS
Seven Corners Insurance
Travel Insurance Services
Global Underwriters Insurance
HTH Worldwide Insurance

Visitor Insurance Services

  • 7 day/week professional customer service
  • Free online immigrant and visitors travel insurance quote.
  • Best price assured ! We offer cheap, affordable prices for all policies.
  • Compare plans from different insurance providers.
  • Plans for all nationalities, dependents, and visiting relatives.
  • Absolute privacy of insurance subscriber information.
  • View and download immigrant and visitors insurance policy brochure.
  • No medical exam required to purchase insurance policy.
  • Underwritten by top US insurance companies.

Visitors Insurance Features

Visitors Insurance FeaturesBest Visitors Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Parents visiting USA from countries like India and China has increased in recent years with the advent of the jet-age. In this scenario, it is necessary to find the best visitor insurance company providing top coverage in America for senior visiting parents, older aged relatives. One of the basic requests in the quest to find ...
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Visitors Insurance FeaturesVisitor Health Insurance for Parents Visiting US

Visitor health insurance is a short-term plan that individuals or families purchase before visiting USA traveling in another country. This type of policy is ideally suited for elderly relatives or senior parents visiting USA. Most insurance plans from your home country cease to be effective outside home country borders, and these plans will not offer ...
Posted: Sun, 08 Mar 2015 23:39:35 +0000 | Tags: Visitor Medical Insurance, Visitors Health Insurance, visitor health insurance, visitor insurance, visitor insurance for parents, visitor insurance usa, visitor medical insurance, visitor medical insurance for parents

Visitors Insurance FeaturesVisitor Medical Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Parents of U.S. residents who plan to visit the United States of America (USA) to spend time with their family members need to always consider the medical protection and coverage for visitors during any health emergency or a routine sickness or injury. The same also applies for other relatives who intend to visit USA for ...
Posted: Mon, 02 Feb 2015 23:05:31 +0000 | Tags: Visitor Medical Insurance, Visitors Insurance, visitor insurance for parents, visitor insurance usa, visitor medical insurance, visitors insurance, visitors insurance for parents, visitors insurance usa, visitors medical insurance

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