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visitor medical insurance

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Insurance Coverage

Visitors Insurance Coverage Overview

If you are visiting USA or traveling outside your home country, or living abroad or working overseas, it is easy to protect yourself and/or family with the affordable rates and numerous deductible options with visitors insurance coverage such as what travel medical insurance plans offer. You don not have to worry when traveling between your home country and your destination in USA or any foreign nation since you will be medically protected during your entire duration of visit to America or elsewhere as a guest.

Visitors Insurance Coverage Overview

Understanding visitor medical insurance features and requirement to compare / buy coverage for visitors to USA or international travelers can be complicated. There are many US visitor insurance plans, various visitors insurance coverage options, travel medical insurance benefits and policy restrictions. Given the several factors to consider and the many choices available, deciding on an insurance policy that best suits your needs is not easy. It is to help you in this situation that we have developed several features to help you make an informed choice while purchasing your visitors insurance.

  • Compare Insurance Plans using the online Insurance Quotes and insurance comparison facility. Here you can compare several insurance companies and policies to identify the product that suits your specific needs best. You have to provide relevant information regarding the applicant and our facility will display your available options in an user friendly manner. You can then choose the policy that you like best, and proceed to purchase the product online. The facility also provides detailed brochures on each of the different insurance policies. The insurance coverage can start as early as the following day after purchase or from any date that you want coverage.
  • Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Here we have provided answers to commonly asked questions from our customers. If you still have more questions, please feel free to call us at 1-877-778-4562.
  • Visitor Insurance Glossary Here are a list of commonly used insurance terms along with their explanations.
  • Visitor Insurance Guide This sections gives you some background information on how medical insurance works. The section also provides information on the different factors you should consider while purchasing insurance.
  • Visitor Insurance Blog Get latest updates about visitor medical insurance and travel health coverage.
  • Insurance Customer Testimonials Here are some voluntary testimonials provided by our customers.
  • Insurance Quote Request Use the quote request through which you can get specific insurance quotes.

Visitor Insurance Services

  • 7 day/week professional customer service
  • Free online immigrant and visitors travel insurance quote
  • Best price assured ! We offer cheap, affordable prices for all policies
  • Compare plans from different insurance providers
  • Plans for all nationalities, dependents, and visiting relatives
  • Absolute privacy of insurance subscriber information
  • View and download immigrant and visitors insurance policy brochure
  • No medical exam required to purchase insurance policy
  • Underwritten by top US insurance companies

Visitor Insurance Features

  • Wide choice of travel and visitor medical insurance plans, cheap, affordable plans, global protection
  • Professional customer support by licensed insurance agents
  • Support available round the clock with US toll free number
  • Short term, medical & visitor health insurance for USA visitors & global travelers
  • Next day instant cover available for most plans with convenient online instant quote and purchase
  • Guaranteed low price! Nobody can offer a lower price for a particular USA visitor medical insurance plan
  • Objectively evaluate plans by comparing visitor medical insurance plans offered by different insurers
  • Online purchase of insurance using credit card, secure transaction, instant purchase
  • Plans for overseas travelers, new immigrants (Green card, H1B, H4, B1 visa), J1 visa exchange visitors scholars, international students (F1 F2 visa), nannies, expatriates, missionaries, global travellers, and international citizens.
  • Visitor’s health insurance applicant data is fully secure
  • Ability to view and download health insurance policy brochure
  • Medical evaluation or any additional paperwork not necessary to purchase policy
  • Plans are underwritten by reputed American and International insurance providers
  • Ideal Visitor Medical Insurance for parents, in-laws, relatives and friends/family visiting USA from Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Israel, India, China, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Philipines, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, etc.
  • Meets Schengen Visa Insurance requirements for the 15 shengen countries/states – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden. Also covers the new countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia.