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visitor medical insurance

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Is the insurance plan refundable should I leave the country during its validity

QuestionIs the insurance plan refundable should I leave the country during its validity?

Answer Some insurance plans do refund money if given enough advance notice, however since travelers medical insurance is typically for a short duration, they are often not refundable. If this situation is a concern for you, you should look out for insurance plans which are renewable. Such plans are available among the plans listed in our insurance comparison engine.

If plan premium is refundable for a given visitor medical insurance, usually unused or not expired whole month premium or daily premium is refunded depending on the plan. Also remember that insurance refund is at the option is at the discretion of the insurance provider, who as the insurance plan administrator usaully charge a small adminstrtive fee, typcally USD 25, for the service.

Also remember that travel health insurance cannot be terminated without the written consent of the insured. It is best advised to respond or reply to the originally sent purchase confirmation email stating the exact reason for requesting the cancellation of the travel medical insurance plan during its validity. Also, a verbal request over the phone will not suffice as many insurance provider require the written consent.