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visitor medical insurance

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Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Every year, when parents or relatives who are living in countries outside the USA and visit their children or other friends or family in the United States of America, there is risk of hospitalization for accidental injury or sickness as a visitor in USA. While visiting the U.S. is always exciting, visiting an American hospital without proper health insurance can be financially devastating. It is prudent to ensure that they have a safe and pleasant visit to America by purchasing visitor medical insurance coverage for the duration of stay as a short term visitor to USA.

Using our visitors health insurance comparison tool, you can compare visitor insurance plans offered by different vendors starting as cheap as USD 1/day. Comprehensive plan offer coverage up to plan maximum and are slightly more in cost. After reviewing and choosing the best visitors insurance for parents visiting USA plan you like, you can buy it online and get instant coverage to start as early as the next day. You can review and purchase American visitor insurance plans even after the start of their journey to the U.S. as they are a foreigner visiting the USA.

Note that there is no medical check-up requirement or need to furnish out-of-country medical records to purchase a policy, all pre-existing condition evaluations are made by the physicians report that is routinely ordered from the doctor who has treated the insured. Some visitor medical insurance plans exclude all claims that are considered pre-existing, while other offer coverage for sudden relapse or acute onset of a pre-existing condition. If you are buying coverage for visitor over age 50 years, it is prudent to enroll in a plan that has this feature.

US visitors medical insurance is available online for comparison and purchase. USA visitors and travelers need not have to waste much time shopping for visitor insurance plans online. All they have to do is enter the age group and type of coverage required in the application and compare. Visitor medical insurance compare tool designed by providers and offered on is user-friendly and informative. Visitors to USA can evaluate the premium cost, medical benefits, deductibles, plan coverage, etc. of various plans offered by prominent insurance providers in America.