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visitor medical insurance

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Low Cost Visitor Insurance for USA Visitors

11 Sep 2013 Visitors Insurance

Visitors visiting USA or traveling to any foreign nation can take advantage of visitor medical insurance plans that cover them in medical emergencies in the United States of America or outside their home country. Compare and choose from several low cost visitor insurance plans underwritten by various companies – AIG, Nationwide, Lloyds, etc. Buy online with instant next-day coverage and receive policy documents instantly through online fulfillment.

Visitor medical insurance shields you from the financial burden when you or a visiting family member is hospitalized while in USA or other foreign nation. Your domestic health insurance will not be helpful outside your home country. Parents who are visiting their close ones in USA or any foreign country can stay covered with visitors health insurance. The period of visitors insurance coverage varies form five days to three years. Tourists, visiting parents, businessmen and anyone planning to visit a foreign country can purchase visitors health insurance.

Visitors medical insurance can cover medical expenses an expected face when visiting the U.S., Canada and Europe. Medical expenses while traveling abroad can be very high, especially when it comes to the hospital. Normally, visitors insurance plans provide benefits for hospitalization coverage, visit the outpatient, surgery, and prescription drug costs. Visit U. S. Department of Health to obtain more information about health care in the U.S.. We will receive health insurance quotes for free, and visitors better understand the insurance terms of visitors.

Visitors insurance plans are flexible and can be customized according to your requirements. There are fixed (cheaper but limited coverage) and comprehensive (expensive but better coverage) visitors insurance plans offered by the different insurers. provides USA visitors and international visitors to compare insurance plans, which helps with the benefits of planning, exclusions and premiums. has listed several low-cost visitors insurance plans from top rated providers based in the U.S. to choose from, all designed and offering fixed or scheduled benefit affordable coverage for visitors to USA:

  1. Inbound USA Insurance
  2. Visitors Care Insurance
  3. Visitor Secure Insurance
  4. Inbound Guest Insurance