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visitor medical insurance

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Parents Visiting America Need Medical Coverage for Visitors

Parents visiting USA is a great source of joy for many as you along with children, if any, get to spend quality family time with them. You take time to carefully plan every detail of their visit to America, but also protect yourself financially by purchasing visitor medical insurance offering coverage for them, for protecting their health in medical emergencies and other health risks while in the US. Sponsors, typically children living and working in the United States may reason to avoid purchasing adequate visitor health insurance, blaming it on the premium rates or try to self-insure the risk based on instinct. However, when a serious health emergency strikes, visitors can end up paying considerably more by not investing in a good visitors medical insurance policy. Also, these plans feature in-network costs for members, which you may not be able to secure without buying a policy.

The most compelling reason to buy travel medical insurance coverage for elder relatives or parents visiting USA is that healthcare costs are higher in America when you compare them across the world. If your mother or father or in-law is injured in an accident or suddenly falls ill during their visit, you need not worry excessively and as they are covered under a visitors insurance plan. This is the purpose of buying coverage for visitors well in advance as the policy will pay the eligible medical expenses associated with the doctor visit, inpatient or out-patient treatment, hospital charges, laboratory or diagnostics fees, and even prescription drugs.

Parents or relatives visiting USA from India, China, etc. can buy visitor insurance from a provider based either in their home country or from the U.S. It is generally recommended to not solely compare plans just on the premium costs, but consider the better regulatory environment in America to ensure better claims processing. Other advantages of buy USA based policy is that they are widely accepted by doctors or hospitals in the U.S. by way of wider PPO network of caregivers. US based plans are able to process claims much faster as US-based doctors or hospitals can direct bill by way of cashless billing, saving the trouble of paying the medical bills upfront and then submitting a claim form for reimbursement. Hence it is prudent for the plan beneficiaries to purchase their travel medical insurance from a reputed company based in the U.S. that offers coverage benefits that best-suited to their needs and budget also.

Also remember that most of these visitor insurance plans are guarantee issue policies, meaning that they do require any medical underwriting to purchase the policy. For buyers, this means that they do not have to undergo any medical check-ups or submit any past medical records to qualify. All they need to focus is the type of coverage that need – fixed or comprehensive, duration or term length of coverage, the quoted premium which is how much to pay for the visitor medical insurance. The visitor health insurance premium depends on various factors such as age of the visitor, duration of stay, type of coverage, and destination including or excluding America. Preexisting conditions are not covered under most of these plans, select few policies offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, age and other restriction apply.