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visitor medical insurance

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Visitors Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Visitors to USA

Visitor Health Insurance or visitors health insurance or health insurance for visitors are plans that offer visitors insurance coverage for emergency health / medical / dental expenses for the traveler visiting the USA or any other destination country. Adequate visitor insurance coverage is a necessity for medical protection of USA visitors during their stay in America or any other foreign location. Visitors to USA and other foreign countries can reduce the financial risk of unforeseen accidents, sickness, or medical emergency by purchasing visitor medical insurance. Visitor health insurance is ideal for all tourists to US, and for parents, relatives and other family members visiting the United States (USA) or any other international destination.

There are basically two kinds of visitors health insurance policies available for the United States. These are the fixed scheduled benefitand the comprehensive coverage plans. The fixed benefit plan is low-cost, with this you are required to pay the deductible first and then the insurance company will pay up to the maximum amount for each benefit or procedure as listed in the schedule of benefits. The balance, if any, will then be paid by the plan holder.

On the other hand, the comprehensive coverage plan costs almost double that of the fixed benefit policy. The advantage of this kind of visitor insurance USA plan, however, is that it provides better coverage benefits. Here you are required to pay the deductible first and then the insurance company will generally pay 80 percent for the first five thousand and the plan holder will pay the remaining twenty percent, for a 80:20 co-insurance plan. After the five thousand in incurred costs, the insurance company will pay up to hundred percent of the maximum amount in the policy. Do note that different insurance companies will be providing their own version for the benefits so read the policy and the coverage details carefully and thoroughly.

visitors health insurance

Visitor Insurance Plan Policy Types

Visitor Insurance plans have been available for travelers for many years there are many plans underwritten by various insurance companies. Although there are several Visitor Insurance plans, one can classify them into two broad categories – Fixed Benefits Plans and Comprehensive Plans.

Visitor Health Insurance - Compare

visitors health insurance

Visitor Insurance – Fixed Benefits Plans

These policies are characterized by various benefit limits for each type of covered medical expense. These benefit limits typically are not the same as the policy maximum.

For example, a policy with a $50,000 maximum limit may feature up to a maximum of $2000 for surgery, up to a maximum of $500 for diagnostic services (X-rays, scans) etc. The maximum amounts for different situations are detailed in the policy brochure.

Typically you are required to pay an initial deductible for each injury or sickness and then the plan pays for the rest of the covered expenses. You will be responsible for all charges in excess of the fixed benefits offered for each type of medical service.

There is no network of hospitals and doctors; you can go to anybody of your choice.

Scheduled Benefits Plans have the lowest premiums, but the consumer must be aware that the benefits offered are relatively limited as compared to the Comprehensive Coverage Plans.

Fixed Benefit Plans

Visitor Health Insurance - Compare

visitors health insurance

Visitor Insurance – Comprehensive Plans

Visitor insurance policies typically do not have benefit limits based on the type of medical expense. Usually benefits for covered medical expenses go all the way up to the policy maximum (less deductible and co-insurance).

Typically for all covered medical expenses during the policy period the insured pays the deductible plus 20% of the first $5,000; and then the plan pays 100% of the eligible medical expenses up to the policy maximum.

The details for each visitors insurance policy such as the policy maximum, medical expense eligibility etc. are listed in the policy brochure.

Comprehensive typically recommend or require you to use the hospitals and doctors in the network. The advantage of using hospitals and doctors include minimizing your co-insurance amounts as hospitals/doctors bill at a pre-negotiated discounted rate.

Comprehensive Coverage Insurance Plans have relatively higher premiums, but in turn offer better benefits than the Scheduled.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans

Visitor Health Insurance - Compare

visitors health insurance

Visitors Health Insurance – Compare Plan Quotes, Buy Coverage Online

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Medical Insurance for Visitors

Visitors Health Insurance Review

Visitors Health Insurance plans focus on providing cover for your medical expenses resulting from emergency illness or accidental injuries during your travel to any country. You can review, compare, quote, apply, purchase and/or buy visitors medical insurance plans online and you can specify the cover start date.

Health insurance for visitors will support foreign trips outside home country of residency from five days upto 3 years, and offer plans with many levels of insurance coverage benefits (maximum benefit range from $50,000 to $1,000,000 or more), various deductible levels (from $0 to $2500) and many options that can added (additional cover for hazardous sports, athletics, terrorism, etc).

Visitor Health Insurance - Compare

visitors health insurance

Visitor Health Insurance – Features

  • Medical Expenses for Injury or Sickness
  • Dental Expenses
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Emergency Medical Reunion
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Flight Accident or Common Carrier Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Home Country cover
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption

Visitor Health Insurance - Compare

visitors health insurance

Health Insurance for Visitors Overview

  • Various levels of Deductibles and Co-insurance: Deductibles (the amount you will pay prior to payments from the insurance company) range from $0 to $2500. Co-insurance is the percentage or amount of covered expenses that you pay.
  • Exclusion for cover of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Secondary coverage: Implies in the event of loss or claim the plan will pay the remaining benefits after all other insurance plans your possess have made payments against the claim
  • Support for policy extensions or renewals
  • Flexibility on your return date with renewable policies
  • Insurance available even for seniors over 70 and 80 years also
  • The cost of the policy is dependent on age, level of Insurance and length of stay
  • Reduced rates for dependent children
  • Most plans can make direct payments to hospitals and doctors

Visitor Health Insurance - Compare

visitors health insurance

Visitors Health Insurance – Things to Consider

  • Plan Type: Fixed benefits vs. Comprehensive.
  • Maximum Coverage Type: Plan Life vs. Per Incident.
  • Deductible Type: Plan Life vs. Per Incident.
  • Shortest Initial Policy Period: Some policies require you to purchase a certain minimum time period (i.e. 7 days, 1 month, 3 months etc.) to start the policy. Make sure the shortest initial coverage period for the plan is less than the desired period of coverage. Most plans that require 3 month up-front purchase will permit monthly renewals after the initial 3 month purchase.
  • Renewal Feature: If you are not certain about your return date, then consider a plan that supports renewals. The advantage of renewing an existing policy over purchasing a fresh one after the expiry of the first one include, no fresh co-insurance/deductibles and illness/injuries incurred during the first period of coverage not being classified as pre-existing conditions for the extension.
  • Good network of hospitals/doctors: Each plan uses a unique network of hospitals / doctors / clinics / laboratories in your local zipcode, so it helps to make there is good number of care providers close to the neighborhood where you will be staying in the United States / USA.

Health Insurance for Visitors