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visitor medical insurance

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Visitor Medical and Travel Health Coverage for USA Visitors

Every year brings new hope and new plans for a few lucky folks, such as visiting USA or travel across national borders outside home country. This provides them the opportunity to visit places, attend business meetings or just spend time with family or friends. If your travel takes you to the United States, or many other developed nations, where the cost of health care that is always a necessary for an unexpected accident or sickness is steeply high, it makes it all the more prudent and worthwhile to pursue the option of covering such risks by purchasing travel medical insurance or visitors health insurance coverage.

Buying visitor medical insurance and travel health coverage for visitors to USA is a common consideration among immigrant families living and working in USA, who routinely bring their extended family members such as parents or in-laws to visit them in the US. As they are bound by busy lives and tight schedules for their career, they seldom have the time to enjoy the luxury of a relaxed extended stay in their country of origin. They commonly opt to bring their parents or in-laws to visit them in America, as they in retirement, have the time and also love to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren living and studying in USA.

With the advent of the jet age, travel across continents is routine and common experience for parents visiting USA or relatives travel abroad, and one can be time lagged with just a few hours of flying. But, elder folks and older relatives or friends should always take into consideration their health profile and protect themselves with medical coverage for visitors, which comes into use when they are injured due to any accident, or become sick due to an illness. Review the plan options to determine if certain instance of acute onset of pre-existing conditions are covered, there giving the protection of risks that could surface when the medically controlled condition relapses.

A good visitor insurance plan will offer coverage for treatment of both major and minor healthcare conditions, including:

  • cold and flu
  • sprains and strains
  • rashes and skin conditions
  • eye conditions
  • sore throats and upper respiratory infections
  • sinus infections
  • urinary tract infections
  • earaches and seasonal allergies

Also covered in the best visitor insurance plans are coverage for accidental injury such as a slip on the sidewalk or bathroom, a motor accident requiring medical care and treatment, and more.

In a global village we live in, business typically know no borders. Many business folks from India, China, and other countries routinely visit America or other nations to attend trade conventions or field seminars, or meet with clients to transact a deal or for other office related work, in such cases also, international travel health insurance plays a significant role in protecting employees and other key persons for medical emergencies or routine sickness/illness. This a also productive from a company standpoint as healthy team is good. Also, the group travel medical insurance for 5 or more persons gets the discounted group rates.

Visitor medical insurance is very affordable and can be purchased online, with a simple and easy application process. carries several top rated plans from US based visitor insurance providers that have several plan offerings, both in the comprehensive coverage or fixed benefit categories. Whatever is your need or budget, they have a plan for you that provides the necessary medical protection for visitors to USA, or any other nation around the world.