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visitor medical insurance

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Visitor Insurance for Visitors to USA

Visitors insurance is one of the best ways available for visitors to USA to obtain travel health coverage and medical protection, making their travel to America safe and worry-free. Travelers from any part of the world visiting USA must purchase medical insurance for visitors to USA to deal with the high cost of health care system here in the United States. The US consulate recommends all travelers to the United States to purchase adequate travel health insurance for visiting USA. The visitors insurance can guarantee financial assistance in case of a medical emergency during the duration of stay. US insurance companies have custom designed medical insurance for visitors of all age groups and nationalities, with many plan choices to meet every need and budget.

America being one of top nations for visitors around the globe receives several thousands of Indian and Chinese citizens visiting USA every year. Many visitors to USA travel for personal or business reasons such as to meet their close relatives or friends who live and work in the U.S., or parents visiting USA to attend the graduation of their children and grandchildren who are studying in the United States. Other business travelers come to the US to meet with clients or to attend a trade convention hosted in America. Visitors who are in the USA for any reason need a visitors insurance policy as typically they are not covered by their domestic health insurance plans. Visitor medical insurance can be purchased by the visitors prior to visiting USA or even during travel in America.

Visitors who purchase visitor medical insurance while visiting USA or traveling outside America also, and need to be aware how the plan works. The insurance policy purchased will be legitimate and would be good at any doctor or hospital in the US or anywhere outside the insureds home country. That said, it will be up to the doctor or hospital whether they will deal directly with the insurance company or make you submit the claim. What could have happened is the client wished to have direct billing and no provider would do so. A call to the insurance company may have solved this issue. The refusal to direct bill could be for several reasons, but most likely because they will likely not have heard of the particular policy or IPA network of practitioners the client visited for care, since they likely do not get many non-US citizens or residents in their offices. However, they may have heard of the PPO network used by the company (we often try to point this out to our clients) and we are not sure if the client used these lists or if there were such providers in their area. Even after these actions, some provider may not want to do direct billing, in which case you can file a claim with the insurance provider.

When planning a trip to the United States, it is essential that international travelers have a qualified US visitor insurance plan in case of illness, medical emergency or an accident/sickness in USA. offers many choices for short-term coverage with low prices, best benefits, in different coverage categories, all supported with extensive online resources and exceptional customer service.