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visitor medical insurance

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Visitor Medical Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Parents of U.S. residents who plan to visit the United States of America (USA) to spend time with their family members need to always consider the medical protection and coverage for visitors during any health emergency or a routine sickness or injury. The same also applies for other relatives who intend to visit USA for any purpose, as in the case of professionals living in the U.S. with parents, in-laws or extended family who stay abroad, it is essential that the visitor guard and be covered under a visitors insurance for parents plan when in the host country.

Even though parents visiting you in the United States, and are coming from India, China, and other nations outside America. They may be fit and active, and in good health, but it is still prudent to consider the purchase of a visitor insurance plan for them for the entire duration of stay in America or outside home country. The reason for this is many, parents typically are on the road more often as they visit places around the nation. More importantly, one can never accurately predict when an injury or illness may be encountered, so being prepared for the unexpected is the way to go. Anything from a twisted ankle to a major accident could warrant doctor office visits, prescription drugs and medication, Laboratory work and diagnostic tests, out-patient urgent care or in-patient hospitalization, all of which can cost substantial amounts of money without a well-qualified visitor medical insurance policy. These plans include coverage for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, accidental death and dismemberment, and a whole lot more including some travel benefits also.

When it comes to picking and selecting a policy, there are several US visitor health insurance plans available for visiting parents who are non-US citizens intending on a short duration stay in America. These plans are designed by US based companies with their advanced age in mind and coverage is encompassing of their specific needs and health issues. Moreover, the policy is underwritten by top rated companies with claims and policy support with 24 hour customer care administered in USA.

Visitor medical insurance plans have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of visiting parents, offering coverage in the U.S. as well as other countries outside home country. Many policies allow the insured to see any doctor or go to any hospital, but visiting a provider within the PPO network has co-insurance savings and the possibility of cashless billing and settlement of claims with provider directly. Visitor medical insurance plans can be purchased before travel to the US, however it is still not late to buy a plan during the visit, with coverage available for a time period as short as of 5 days or more.

Visitor medical insurance plans pay for eligible medical expenses arising from illness and injury when parents are visiting USA or any other foreign country. Anyone can apply and purchase a policy on behalf of visiting parents. To complete the online application, one typically needs the parents age, the choice of deductible one needs to pay out-of-pocket, the maximum coverage amount needed, the duration of the coverage active period, the citizenship and home country of parents, and the passport number optionally.

Depending on the need and requirement, a large number of medical insurance for visitors plans are available, from which the visiting parents are free to choose from. These plans are suited for not only parents visiting USA, but even foreign students, exchange scholars, new immigrants, all of whom can apply and buy coverage instantly online. With so many options and choices available, it can be quite confusing for a layman to wade through all the information that is presented in the plan brochures, hence it is very essential to compare the features using the tool on online. To sum it up, a visitor’s insurance plan can give you peace of mind and safeguard against high medical expenses, ensuring a worry-free stay for your parents visiting America.