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visitor medical insurance

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Visitors Insurance Coverage for Indians Visiting America

Each year sees a large number of Indians such as relatives, parents visiting USA or businessmen or academics or persons from various fields traveling to America. One thing is sure is all of them surely need to review and purchase a short-term visitors insurance coverage for their duration of stay in America or any other nation worldwide. The quoted premium amount spent on buying this form of travel medical insurance coverage for is cheap when this is compared to the actual cost of healthcare necessary when one is sick or in a health emergency. This type of policy covers the risk of paying the medical bills in case of any accidental injury or road accident or even health emergencies such as heart attack or stroke. Travelers from the Indian sub-continent can review and purchase visitor medical insurance before leaving India, or even upon arriving in the United States.

Visitor health insurance for Indian parents or other relatives, in-laws, or friends can be broadly described as two distinct types of coverage – fixed benefit plan or comprehensive coverage policy. The fixed benefit plans are a lot cheaper in terms of the upfront premium costs paid, but these plans also limit each medical condition to a set dollar amount. In comparison, comprehensive coverage plans do not limit each medical condition, and typically cover up to the overall maximum coverage amount selected. In addition, comprehensive visitor insurance plans offer additional medical benefits and included features when compared to fixed benefit plans.

Indian visitors to USA can understand the many features and included features of visitors insurance for parents from India policies by obtaining free insurance quotes online. The plan deductibles and co-insurance, policy coverage details, quoted premium costs, covered benefits, etc. of travel health insurance plans can be reviewed and compared on Indian who travel outside India must always make it a point to purchase a US based policy as they offer better claim and regulation. Even after a visitor has arrived in the USA, it still is possible to buy visitor medical insurance, but it makes more sense to secure a policy for the entire duration of stay outside India.