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visitor medical insurance

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Visitors Insurance for Parents from India Visiting USA

Every year, thousands of visitors from India come to the United States of America (USA) for a short term travel and stay, for personal and business reasons. These visitors to USA could be relatives or parents visiting their children or other family members who work and live in America, or even someone who is attending a camp, or a convention gathering, or a trade show related to your company, or simply a tourist on a holiday that wants to experience what the American cities and other sightseeing destinations along with the cuisine and culture too.

A trip to the US requires a lot of planning and preparation before the actual date of travel. In addition to complying with the visa requirements for legal entry to the United States, and get all other necessary travel documents in place such as buying a plane ticket and arrange to stay too. Last but not least, you will also need to consider the what-if you have a medical emergency due to an accident or injury, how you are going to get the access to the treatment you need. The best way to ensure this is to invest in a visitor medical insurance policy.

Visitor Medical Insurance for Parents is Necessary

By purchasing the visitors insurance for parents plan offered by several US based providers, you can remove the financial risk of the overbearing medical bill for treatment of an unexpected health emergency or accidental injury. The health care system in America has favorable costs of care when an insurance plan is submitted for receiving the medical treatment. If you do have visitor insurance coverage, the treatment with be paid by the policy based on the Usual, Reasonable, Customary (URC) model, and will save you the cost of care which could run anywhere in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Purchasing a U.S. based visitor insurance coverage plan, your medical costs will be covered and you will only pay a small portion of the actual cost of care.

Visitors Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions Explained

Visitors insurance for pre-existing conditions offers elderly travelers the option of buying coverage and be covered when there is an acute onset or a sudden relapse of the same. It is strongly advised that visitors to USA buy a policy with this feature is they have existing medical ailments. As insurers require no paperwork, or ask you to undergo medical examination before buying the policy, pre-existing condition is usually determined by the physician reports which are routinely ordered while evaluating the claim. Also, the look back periods for such conditions vary from six months to three months for fixed benefit plans, and up to three years for comprehensive coverage plans.

Wide Choice of Visitor Insurance Plans

USA based offers a wide choice of visitor health insurance plans for visitors to America and travelers outside home country. Quote, compare, review and buy a visitor insurance policy for yourself or a family member today, get the ID cards sent to you email inbox instantly.