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visitor medical insurance

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Visitors Insurance for Parents Visiting Silicon Valley USA

Each year, several relatives and parents of residents who live and work in the many American high-tech sector companies that dot the Silicon Valley area in San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, USA, stretching from San Jose city, through the Santa Clara valley, and other suburbs in the San Francisco metropolitan area. In view of the large number of Indians settled in California Silicon Valley region, it is quite common that parents, family, and friends of these Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) visit their family members living in America quite often, sometimes every year also. Considering the high costs of healthcare in United States, it is prudent and in the best interest of their well-being to purchase and be covered adequately with a good visitors insurance plan from a U.S. based provider.

Taking the risk of financial jeopardy due to medical emergencies arising out of an accidental fall or injury, or from any new sickness or infection from a routine illness such as a cough or cold, visitor medical insurance offers coverage for the insured parent or relative, even in instances due to a sudden relapse or recurrence of a pre-existing condition. Visitors health insurance also offers the much needed access to medical care that relatives traveling to America or parents visiting USA absolutely need. Policies typically include coverage for accidents, and emergency health expenses, prescription drug costs, surgery expenses, laboratory and diagnostic charges, hospital indemnity, medical evacuation and repatriation, and a whole lot more as listed in the schedule of benefits in the plan brochure. A visitor insurance plan is ideally purchased before the start date of travel to USA, however the plan can even be bought after the start of the travel and during stay in America.

For elderly and seniors relatives or parents who suffer from pre-existing conditions other than chronic or chronological medical conditions including diabetes, high blood-pressure, asthma, etc., it is best to seek and enroll in a visitor insurance policy covering acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Before buying any visitors medical insurance plan, it is important to review and estimate the minimum monthly cost and the extent of coverage extended as described in plan benefits and exclusions available in the policy brochure. Always pick and choose a plan after careful consideration of the various options and features. To save time and minimize the effort involved, you can seek free online quotes from which can reduce the effort involved for comparison and selection of the best suited visitors insurance for parents, meeting your requirements and budget also. Also review the best visitor insurance for parents visiting USA to get an idea of plans available for travel to America.

The warm sunny weather that California enjoys bring in a matrix of visitors from every corner of the world. Many come to visit the thriving technology hub in Silicon Valley in the bay area of San Francisco, or the entertainment capital in Hollywood in Los Angeles, or the relaxing Napa wine country, or the exciting museums and sights to see around San Diego which is just across the Mexico border. Buy Insurance coverage for visitors to California always for coverage and protection from health risks in USA due to a medical emergency, and enjoy you stay in California.