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visitor medical insurance

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Visitors Medical Insurance for Parents or Relatives Visiting USA

It is quite common among the US immigrant communities such as Indians, Chinese, etc. to invite their elder parents or senior relatives to visit them for a short term and help them spend family bonding time with their children or grandkids living in America. When plan their long journey to the US, take in consideration that elder travelers may also have a hard time recovering from jet lag and motion sickness, so they should take these factors into account when planning a trip.

If you are planning to get your parents or relatives to visit the United States from a foreign country to US, buying adequate visitor medical insurance coverage for unexpended accident and health expenses is a good idea. Health care is not cheap in America and many western nations, and even minor injury or sickness can cause major medical bills to deal with.

If you are not a US Citizen or a permanent resident in America, you cannot enroll in one of the government run health insurance exchange market setup by the federal agency or by various states. However, temporary visitors to the United States are not eligible to apply for the program and they are advised to take advantage the lower costs or competitive benefits offered. Short-term visitors to the US can apply for visitors insurance coverage offered by US based travel health insurance providers.

Many senior relatives or parents typically have some pre-existing conditions. Buying coverage for visitors with protection from risks due to an acute onset of a pre-existing condition is a must. Moreover, Indians are predisposed genetically for heart disease, and is the leading cause of death for both men and women from the Indian sub-continent. Buying such coverage covers risks due to a coronary heart attack which is hard to predict. helps provide you with a wide selection of top rated plans from USA based carriers that offer the right benefits and quoted rates for your parents or relatives visiting USA, or any group age with or without pre-existing conditions. Visit and learn more about the different visitor insurance plans that will benefit your elder parents or senior relatives can avail.