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Liaison Student Insurance

International Student Health Insurance Coverage for Studying in USA or Abroad

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Liaison Student Insurance

Liaison Student Insurance is designed specifically to meet the health insurance needs of international students studying in USA and US students who pursue studies in a foreign country. Liaison Student offers medical insurance for students, scholars and faculty traveling outside of their home country. Seven Corners has established Liaison Student Insurance to provide valuable benefits to students and other educational professionals when they study outside of their home country. Read the Liaison Student Insurance description for more details.

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Policy Maximum $250,000 Primary Insured, $50,000 Spouse/Child .
  • Non U.S. Students: $100 if not first treated by the Student Health Center (or if there is no Student Health Center) $50 if first treated by the Student Health Center.
  • US Citizens: Options: $50 / $0.
  • Non U.S. Students: 80% to $10,000, then 100% to plan maximum.
  • US Citizens: 100% to plan maximum.
Coverage - Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-Existing Condition
- Maternity
- Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Accident
- Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Accident
- Alcohol and Drug Abuse
- Sports-related Injuries
Plan Life The minimum period of coverage under Liaison Student is 15 days, maximum is 12 months
Underwriter Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Nationwide Life Insurance Company and Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
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  • Liaison Student Insurance Administrator

    Liaison Student Insurance is administrated by Seven Corners (formerly known as Specialty Risk International).

  • Liaison Student Insurance Underwriter

    Liaison Student Insurance is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.

  • Liaison Student Insurance Deductible

    • Non U.S. Students: $100 if not first treated by the Student Health Center (or if there is no Student Health Center) $50 if first treated by the Student Health Center.
    • US Citizens: Options: $50 / $0.

  • Liaison Student Insurance Quote & Purchase

    Liaison Student Insurance online quotes and purchase can be done at Liaison Student Insurance Online Purchase.

  • Liaison Student Insurance Brochure

    Liaison Student Insurance brochure and paper application can be downloaded at the Liaison Student Insurance Brochure.

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