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Nanny Au Pair Insurance

Medical Insurance for Nanny AuPairs

nanny aupair insurance Nanny (Au Pair) Insurance plan is ideal medical coverage as foreign nanny who works as an AuPair in USA (J1 visa) or in any other country. Policy gives coverage and protection from hospital and doctor bills, quality and affordable medical insurance coverage for International Nannies, Au Pair, Babysitters, Care Givers, Foreign Maids.

Nanny AuPair Insurance

Nanny Au-Pair Insurance Quotes

Our Nanny Au-Pair Insurance quote/compare engine provides instant online quotes and compares all major insurance policies and plan features so that you can select a plan that best meets your specific needs.

Answer questions below and click "Get Quote!" button to get a free online quote comparing several policies.

 1. Nanny's age
 2. Select medical maximum coverage amount
Maximum eligible medical expenses that the plan will cover.
 3. Select the deductible amount
The initial amount that you are responsible for before the insurance pays for medical expense.
 4. Select the coverage time period
months days
 5. Select the nanny's country of citizenship
 6. What is the mailing address
 7. Select the country/countries you need coverage

Nanny (Au Pair) Insurance

Nanny Au-Pair Insurance Plan Information

Au Pairs and nannies who are non US citizens require Nanny Au-Pair Insurance to cover for unforeseen medical expenses during their engagement. New immigrants to the country (green card holders) and au pairs while in the US are eligible for special classes of Nanny Au-Pair Insurance.

Nannies who are US citizens or US permanent residents also require insurance unless they have insurance coverage elsewhere. When you hire a Nanny for long-term employment, you should be prepared to offer him or her health insurance coverage. For affordable health care options for your nanny or housekeeper please review the information here.

An insurance quote/compare engine above provides instant online quotes and compares all major insurance policies and plan features so that you can select a plan that best meets your specific needs.

Nanny AuPair Insurance

Nanny AuPair Insurance

Nanny AuPair InsuranceInsurance Coverage

If you are visiting USA or traveling outside your home country, or living abroad or working overseas, it is easy to protect yourself and/or family with the affordable rates and numerous deductible options with visitors insurance coverage such as what travel medical insurance plans offer. You don not have to worry when traveling between your ...
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Nanny Au Pair Insurance

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