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Seven Corners Insurance Plan Summary

  • Atlas series plans for visiting USA or international travelers
  • Plans for visitors, students and expatriates worldwide
  • Seven Corners Insurance plans are underwritten by Lloyd's
  • Free instant quotes, review rates, apply and buy coverage online
  • Don't risk expensive medical bills for visitors or expats
  • Ensures visitors health is protected anywhere and anytime
  • Offers seamless coverage for visitors to USA or travel around the world
  • Extensive international and U.S. provider networks.
  • Renewable policy periods, easy online application
  • Choice of medical maximum coverage benefits
  • Cover and protection for accident/injury or sickness/illness
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage available
Seven Corners Insurance plans are designed USA visitors, international travelers, foreign students, global expatriates, or anyone living any other country outside home country and needing health insurance coverage that works.

Seven Corners Insurance (formerly known as Specialty Risk International) began offering international travel medical insurance to the worldwide community in 1993. The company was founded by travel health insurance professionals with a strong commitment to customer service and a belief that the public deserved reliability when purchasing a visitor medical insurance.

Travel, whether it is domestic or international, brings with it a certain degree of risk. Regardless of where in the world you intend to venture, Seven Corners will be there to support and assist you. From issuing ID Cards the same day to providing 24-hour multilingual assistance services, Seven Corners is dedicated to the service and travels of our clientele.

Please visit our dedicated website for detailed information on Seven Corners Insurance Plans .

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Liaison International Insurance

Liaison International Insurance

Medical Insurance for people traveling outside their Home Country

Perfect for trips between 5 days and 3 years. Monthly renewal option available. Immediate coverage is available once you are satisfied with the quotation. Print your ID Card immediately! The plan is underwritten by a U.S. insurance company rated A- "Superior" by AM Best.
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Inbound USA Insurance

Inbound USA Insurance

A simple cheap visitor insurance for visitors to USA

Inbound USA Insurance is an affordable insurance option when you have parents visiting the United States or for international travelers. Inbound USA Insurance provides protection to citizens of any nation when traveling to the United States.
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RoundTrip Travel Insurance

Round Trip Travel Insurance

Protect your tickets, your luggage and your health worldwide

Why RoundTrip? So you'll be prepared. Who knows what could happen during a trip abroad or before you even depart. Benefits include: Trip Cancellation; Interruption/Delay; Medical Transportation; Lost or Stolen Baggage; Missed Connection; Assistance Services.
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Reside Prime Insurance

Reside Prime

Permanent health coverage for non-U.S. residents

Providing comprehensive health insurance for persons residing outside of the United States, RESIDE Prime provides benefits to non-U.S. residents.
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Reside Worldwide Insurance

Reside Worldwide

Medical insurance that covers you no matter where you live

Whatever the reason, if you need to leave your home country, Reside Worldwide Medical Plan will follow you. Whether you are a US citizen living abroad or a citizen of another country, Reside provides you with security at home and the freedom to seek care anywhere in the world.
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Inbound Immigrant Insurance

Inbound Immigrant

Medical protection specifically designed for immigrants to the United States

Finding coverage for immigrants is difficult, especially when trying to locate reasonably priced protection. Providing up to 5 years of protection, Inbound Immigrant is a scheduled benefit program that offers U.S. immigrants security against unforeseen medical conditions.
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Reside Blue Insurance

Reside Blue Insurance

Provides worlwide coverage, continuous coverage, provides up to 5 million in lifetime benefits and coverage for families and individuals

Reside Blue Insurance provides a medical program for professional mariners throughout the world. Regardless of the type of vessel, Mariners require coverage that provides security, flexibility and benefits unique to the demands of Marine Industry today.
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Liaison Student Insurance

Liaison Student

Seven Corners has established Liaison Student to provide valuable benefits to students and other educational professionals when they travel outside of their home country.

Liaison Student Insurance provides coverage for u.s. students traveling overseas and foreign students traveling to the u.s. If you are a foreign national studying in the United States for several years or a U.S. citizen studying abroad, LiaisonÆ Student is designed to protect you during your time away from home.
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Seven Corners Insurance Plans

Seven Corners Insurance PlansVisitor Medical Insurance for Relatives Visiting USA

Visitor Medical Insurance provides travel health and emergency medical coverage for parents and other family members and relatives visiting you in USA, your internationally residing relatives, or traveling to any foreign destination. With the protection of visitors medical insurance, your relatives, especially elderly mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, etc. and other relatives such as grandfather, grandmother, ...
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Seven Corners Insurance PlansVisitor Medical Insurance a Buy

Nearly every visitor to America, or others who make the buying decision on behalf of family members such as grandparents, relatives or parents visiting USA, or even business travelers, have at some point of time debated as why purchase visitor medical insurance. The medical insurance costs which is paid up front in the form of ...
Posted: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 00:30:28 +0000 | Tags: Visitor Medical Insurance, visitor health insurance, visitor insurance, visitor insurance usa, visitor medical insurance, visitors health insurance, visitors insurance, visitors medical insurance

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