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Student Secure Insurance

International Student Health Insurance Coverage for Studying in USA or Abroad

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Student Secure Insurance - Buy Online
Student Secure Insurance - Buy Online

Student Secure Insurance is designed specifically to meet the health insurance needs of international students studying in USA and US students who pursue studies in a foreign country. Whether you are looking for individual coverage or coverage for the entire family, the StudentSecure Select and StudentSecure Budget options have the features you need. Each Student Secure plan includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation, intercollegiate sports, acts of terrorism and more. Read the Student Secure Insurance description for more details.

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Policy Maximum Student Secure Insurance plan offers choice of maximum benefits for the life of the plan.
Deductible Choice of deductible per period of coverage.
Co-Insurance Plan will pay 100% of the covered amount as listed in the plan benefits section
Eligibility - Student Secure Insurance is offered to members under age 65 - Charges resulting directly or indirectly from any Pre-existing Condition are excluded from this insurance during the first 12 months of coverage.
Coverage - Hospital Room and Board
- Hospital intensive care unit charges
- Physician visits, surgeon, Private duty nurse fee
- Pre-admission tests
- Diagnostics: X-Rays
- Hospital emergency room
- Prescription Drugs
Plan Life Can be initially purchased for 1 year coverage (12 months), renewable upto 3 years (36 months) maximum.
Underwriter Underwritten by Lloyd's Insurance, the largest and oldest insurance market in the world.
Quote - Online Get instant online quote to Buy Student Secure Insurance
Buy - Online Apply & purchase online to Buy Student Secure Insurance
Application Form Complete, mail/fax the Student Secure Insurance Paper Application along with payment
Claims Form Download Student Secure Insurance Claims form.
PPO Network Review the Student Secure Insurance PPO Network information for insurance providers such as doctors, hospitals, facilities in your local area.

International Student Health Insurance

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